Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem Steam Authentication Error Bug

Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem is an action role-playing 2.5D game developed by WOLCEN Studio. The game is currently available in only steam. The game got a massive positive response from the community as on the launch peak players reached 70k.

After launching the game, players might get a pop-up error message “#100 @ui_gserror_CloudServersDownForMaintaince“. You can still play this game in the offline mode by just closing the pop-up

While with such positive response the game server is unable to handle such a huge player base trying to go online resulting in a failure of authentication to the online game server.

The official developers are aware of this issue and made a statement on February 13th that they are working on fixing this bug while there is no specified time when it will be fixed.

Currently, we don’t know if online and offline servers need separate characters. But there might be chances that you need to create a new character in order to join the online server when the will be up. So if you have grinded a lot in offline mode, be prepared to do the same with new a character.

We hope the developers fix this issue as quickly as possible and let players play with their offline characters in online mode after the fix. There are some pretty mixed reviews about the games as it just got released, the game might be a little unpolished now but we will surely recommend you try this game once.

The graphics and visuals of the cutscenes are top-notch which will surely surprise you. There are a wide variety of spells and skills that you can unlock and use them in-game after your character levels up. These spells can be used once you have enough willpower or rage.

We have just started playing Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem and it really got us hooked. Do visit us later to find some more exciting content on this game.