Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem- Primordial Affinity Guide And Tips

Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem

In Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem, you have customized your character and unleashed your Stormfall ability during the fight within Chapter-1. Your character after being washed ashore woke up with basic weapons and gears, break through the unknown territory to regroup with Valeria. After learning the basic control and opening the inventory and Gate Of Fate to upgrade your skill, you will notice in the Town Hall, Demetra the Archivist who deals with Enneract i.e. abilities/skills. You can even purchase or sell the Enneract which depends upon your class.

Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem- Tips And Guide For Primordial Affinity

Once you find Enneract on the battlefield after slaying the enemies or opening the chest, you can equip these Abilities or Enneract by simply opening the Inventory list and right-clicking the mouse button. These Primordial as shown in the image below is used to Level Up your abilities and can also be used to reset the Passive Skill Tree or Gate Of Fate.

Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem

Although while slaying the enemies on your path accumulate XP which in turn upgrade your skill but this method might take too long to unlock all the Skill Modifiers. The fastest way to Level Up your skills is to consume Primordial Affinity which you can earn by selling the Enneract to Demetra in the Town Hall.

Usually, Enneract is dropped from the chest or enemies but you can also earn it in the quest. There is yet another method where you can earn Primordial Affinity by exchanging it with Gold Coins. From Demetra, you can purchase the Enneract and sell her back to gain the Primordial Affinity. The drop rate of Enneract can only be increased when you eliminate the horde and mob of monsters. It would be better to simply advance forward and eliminate all enemies that may cross your path in the newly unlocked area. They will respawn later but can be avoided as they might be of no match and interest.

For farming, you can simply store these Primordial affinities and limit consumption. During your journey slaying each monster in every area at least once is enough to amass tons of Enneract and in turn, defeating enemies will also Level Up your abilities. You can create a portal and move back to the Town Hall whenever your inventory is full or might be in need of new advanced gears. For more guide on Wolcen: Lords Of Mayhem, you can click on the content provided below the description: