Oceanhorn 2- How To Clear Maze In The Palace Of Courage

Oceanhorn 2

After obtaining the Diving Suit in Oceanhorn 2, you will be able to freely swim across the river or ocean without depleting any stamina. Even Diving Suit allows your character to dive deep into the water through which you will be able to enter the Palace Of Courage. After unlocking the first gate by pulling up the lever, you come across a slightly tilted chamber where you have to cross the maze. If you are stuck in this part then this is the perfect guide which explains how you to clear the maze without sweating.

How To Clear The Maze In The Palace Of Courage In Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn 2

As shown in the image above, you will find yourself inside a chamber where on the wall Fire Spell is engraved. The two boulders which are placed on top of the wooden platform need to be destroyed as marked in the image.

After destroying the platform, the boulder will directly fall and roll down where the button is placed which is required to open the path. Once the path is clear, you will need to make your way to the end of the maze near the wall where another button is required to be pressed.

The challenging part is it will require your speed and precision or if the timing is messed up, then you can use your wit to clear the maze. Firstly, the button where you need to stand will trigger and lower down a platform near the left rolling boulder. Simply, check the route before proceeding as it is easy to mess up the timing. Next, run at full speed by double Tapping + Hold the screen to roll and run. Eventually, you will reach the lowered platform and stand on it to lift yourself up.

If you are having trouble completing it with speed then you can place an object that will let that button be pressed for some instance. The object which is suitable to accomplish the task is none other than Bomb which will blow up after a certain amount of time, hence raising the platform up once you have reached the end. This trick will let you clear the maze easily and obtain the key to the Elevator Control Room where you will fight a boss “Steelscale”.

Later you will find yourself stuck collecting 3 Power Spheres in the Ootheca after assembling Trin and Gen. If you are wondering how to collect the Spheres which are placed in unusual places, then click the link above. For more guides on Oceanhorn 2, click on the following link that has been mentioned below the description:

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