Oceanhorn 2- All Power Spheres Required In Ootheca Control Room

Oceanhorn 2

In Oceanhorn 2, one of the major riddles is to locate and bring back all the Power Spheres scattered in the vicinity to unlock the gate or activate the Pedestal. Similarly, once you have unlocked the Ootheca Control Room gate and enter the room which will look exactly as shown in the image below. The enemy which is visible patrolling as soon as you enter the control room is where you have to accumulate and place Power Spheres in the weight button. In this guide, we have mentioned all the locations of the Power Spheres and a guide which allows you to gather all of them easily in one place.

How To Collect All Power Spheres In Ootheca At Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn 2Oceanhorn 2

As shown in the image, 2 Power Spheres are situated in these marked locations and the final one is situated at the end of the stairs where water is filled up. Let’s first go with the 1st Power Sphere referring to the image.

The First Power Sphere is tricky to obtain as you can’t reach and hold it. So first climb the pipe or ladder and hit the bullseye as shown in the image. The Guardian Stones which patrols down the area can be killed easily as your XP and DMG might be high. Beside the main room, you will find three weight panels glowing in blue where you and your ally need to stand on to clear the boxes that were blocking the way up to the platform.

Climb the big boxes and jump around to reach the end. Climb the platform and while facing the Power Sphere in the tube, you will need to shoot it with your Castor Gun to launch and push it to the end of the tube which will be delivered in the entrance room. If you are interested in the chest behind the spike traps and laser tower, then it is not worth it as there are no new items worth it. The chest will award you 200 Coins if you are interested. To lower the platform hit the bullseye located in the entrance.

The Second Power Sphere is located in the tube, crouch and moves forward to take the left and go all the way in. Turn right and move all the way to reach where the Power Sphere is located.

The Third Power Sphere is located inside the water. Equip the Diving Suit and dive into the water to cross a room to reach an elevated platform where the weight button is situated to stand and drain all the water. Then simply hold the ball and throw it up the ladder to climb up and place the last Power Sphere to unlock the Pedestal. For more informative guides on Oceanhorn 2, click on the following link that has been mentioned below the description:

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