Code Vein Ridge Of Frozen Souls All Mistle & Fionn Vestige Parts Location

Code Vein

Code Vein is the latest action role-playing game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Studios. In the Cathedral of the Sacred Blood area, you will meet the first successor and learn about the queen plan. Now you will be able to go through the special doors which will take you to the areas where other successors are.

One of the areas includes “Ridge of Frozen Souls” whose successor is Nicola, Mia’s brother. Your gameplay in this area will determine the ending of the game. This game has got 3 alternate endings which we will discuss later.

To get the “Dweller in the dark” ending, you will have to restore the memory of all the successor and for that, you need to explore the area 100% and find all the vestige locations.

In this post of Code Vein, I will show you the location of all the Fionn Vestige Parts and mistle locations to complete the area 100%.

Code Vein Fionn Vestige Locations

Vestige Part A

Check out the above image to find the complete map of the area “Ridge of Frozen Souls”. To find the Vestige Part A of Fionn, you need to reach the area mentioned in the image above where you need to jump down.

Check out the image below to exactly find the location of where you need to jump. After jumping down and collecting the parts, you need to advance till you find a ladder. Climb the ladder to find the 1st mistle location.

Vestige Part B

The place where you jumped down to find the vestige part A, from there go straight, then take a right and keep going till the edge and you will find the vestige part B. You can check the image above for the exact location.

Vestige Part C

From the Iceless falls mistle, you will find a way to the right side inside the cave. Keep going forward in that cave, till you meet an intersection with two ways. Do not go to the right side inside the cave, on the left side, you will find the way outside.

After going out, you will face 2-3 losts, kill them and will find the Fionn Vestige Part C. There you will also find the 3rd mistle that you need to purify.

Vestige Part D

From the Iceless falls mistle, there will be also a way towards your left side inside the cave. Keep going forward till you meet a strong lost with claws. After killing it, look at your right side to find a treasure box inside which contains a secret weapon.

After killing the lost, climb up the ladder and you will see a short cutscene with Nicola. After that, you will reach an open area with few demolished buildings in the front. Go towards the demolished builds and you will meet the same lost who has claws but will be a little stronger.

Near the lost, you will find the Fionn Vestige Part D on the floor. You can either kill the lost or just take the Vestige Part D and run for your life.

Code Vein All Mistle Locations

Location 1

Check out how to obtain the Vestige Part A to find the location of the 1st mistle.

Location 2

The place where you go straight to find the Vestige Part B, you need to take a left to find the Iceless Falls mistle.

Location 3

You will find this mistle at the location of Fionn Vestige Part C.

Location 4

Go to the path from the left side of “Iceless Falls” and you will meet a lost with claws. Defeat him and climb up the ladder to see a small cutscene with Nicola and after the cutscene, you will find the 4th mistle just behind you.

Location 5

After collecting the Fionn Vestige Part D, go from behind the demolished building and keep advancing till you find two paths. One path will lead to more demolished buildings and the other one will lead you inside the ice cave.

Go towards the demolished buildings and kill all the losts. There on your right side, you will find the 5th mistle location.

Location 6

Just before fighting the successor Nicola, you will find the last mistle location at the edge of a cliff.

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