Oceanhorn 2- How To Dive Into The Water And Sea

Oceanhorn 2

In Oceanhorn 2, when you have arrived the Jungle of Pirtas along with Ambassador Irontalon where he was kidnapped by the Eye of Clan. Under the water, you might have noticed a few chests that have been placed. You can’t dive inside water currently and can’t reach those Chests to unlock the contents. As you progress through the main mission and complete the Pirtas chapter, you will find yourself in a new environment where the Emblem of Water needs to be returned and restored.

How To Dive Into The Water In Oceanhorn 2

After completing the Pirtas chapter and returning back to the White City, you will ride in a yellow airplane to the island of Princess Fin. No need to be hasty because the ability is not missable. As the first mission comprise you and your team to hunt and destroy Thunderstone, you will have to go all the way riding in your special icy boat to reach the Palace of Insight Gate.

Oceanhorn 2

After powering up the elevator and acquiring the Key to stranded wreck chest in the end, you will have to follow and unlock the chest placed on a wrecked ship as shown in the image above. You will find a Diving Suit that will allow you to dive in deep into the water by tapping on it. Once you have unlocked the suit, you can unlock any chest that is submerged into the water. For more informative guides on Oceanhorn 2, click on the following links that have been mentioned below the description:

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