Oceanhorn 2- How To Defeat The Big Mighty Bird In The Sacred Ground

Oceanhorn 2

In Oceanhorn 2, once you have activated the teleporter in order to reach the top of the observatory where the emblem needs to be restored. The task is not simple as to restore the Emblem, first, you will need to defeat the Mighty Bird that soars in the high sky. Though all your projectiles cannot reach and you are stuck in the ground where Trin constantly shouts “Finish the fight for me!” In order to defeat the Big Mighty Bird follow the steps which we have mentioned that will allow you to ride on him and quickly finish the Boss Battle.

How To Defeat The Big Mighty Bird In Oceanhorn 2

Once you climb up to the top and initiate the Boss Battle, you will see three long towers i.e. blocked by the thorn ball. Using your Caster Gun and Fire Spell, thorns can be destroyed and you will need to climb to the top. The Big Mighty Bird will spit Lava and create a Tornado which you need to dodge and avoid any hit. After the Mighty Bird attacks, it will lower its guard and fly down where you have to jump front from the height in the direction of Bird when your Grappling Hook is equipped.

Oceanhorn 2

As shown in the image, you will land on the Mighty Bird where his weak spots will be displayed. You can take your sweet time destroying the weak spots while riding on his back. After a while, you will be knocked out from his back and land on the ground. Attack the Mighty Bird with the same sequence three times in order to defeat him. Any projectile is useless, so there is no use to try shooting the Bird. For more informative guides on Oceanhorn 2, click on the following guides that have been mentioned below the description:

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