Oceanhorn 2- How To Collect All Three Power Spheres Ball

Oceanhorn 2

In Oceanhorn 2 when you have collected Sacred Ground’s Key from the Ambassador Irontalon, you will need to unlock the gate and advance forward till you reach the big observatory kinda structure. After pulling the lever as instructed on the statue and unlocking the gate with the help of Caster Gun, you will find the Three Power Spheres where the balls are missing. You will need to pick up and bring the balls on the first room where the Power Spheres are placed in a difficult environment. In this guide, we have compiled all the Power Spheres location and how to collect in order to power up the Tower.

Three Power Spheres Ball Location And Solution For Oceanhorn 2

Once you enter the room and look around, there are two paths i.e. on left there would be spikes and on straight you will find a room filled with water. Whatsoever you will not face any difficulty while collecting a Power Sphere from the spikes trap room. If you are stuck on that then, watch the timing and on the even traps, there would be little space around the corner from where you can advance. Once you have reached and picked the Power Sphere on your hand, walk back in the same manner and place your first Power Sphere on the button.

Second Power Sphere would be found in the room filled with water. On the right side, there would be a lever which can be used to drain the water. Drop down and pick up the Power Sphere to throw it up from where you have come from. Once the Power Sphere is on the top platform, pick it up to place the second Power Sphere on its place.

Third Power Sphere is kept further in a room where you will have to encounter Stone Guardian. To reach the elevated platform which is opposite to the chest location, you will need to command your allies and yourself stand on the button to lift a pillar that will expose a power connector or grid for a limited time on the side where Chest is kept. In the same chest, you will find the key to unlock the Green Treasures.

Once you have connected all the 5 spots with Lightning Spell using your Caster Gun, the path will be revealed that will take you up. Once you have entered the passage, you will have to defeat these Stone Guardians. When you have reached the room called Golden Sphere Delivery Pipe where the last Golden Power Sphere is located, you will need to calmly step on the automated lift that will take you across the room and moving forward you will find a small pathway to crouch.

Oceanhorn 2

When you have crossed the lift and entered through the hole, pull the lever which will activate the defense system. To dodge the laser, you will need to perfectly time and wait for it to pass. As soon as the laser pass, you will need to use the lift and move across the room. You can’t place the Power Sphere on the lift as it may fall down or you may fall down too. It’s suggested that hold the Power Sphere and drop down to the room where you have to place the Power Sphere as shown in the image to unlock a Portal. If you have not obtained the key from the chest, then you can travel back again as the green treasure will provide you a Shard in Oceanhorn 2. For more informative guides on Oceanhorn 2, you can click the link that has been provided below the description:

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