Oceanhorn 2- Ambassador Irontalon And Sacred Ground’s Key Location

Oceanhorn 2

In Oceanhorn 2, after obtaining the new Ice Spell and a Grappling Hook, you must have reached the gate in search of Ambassador Irontalon. To enter through the gate, you will need to unlock it using a Sacred Grounds Key i.e. kept in the subterranean complex under the Forest Shrine Pyramid as mentioned in the signboard. Spoiler Alert: Under Forest Shrine Pyramid is where you will rescue Ambassador Irontalon and then he will provide you the chief’s Sacred Grounds Key.

Ambassador Irontalon And Sacred Grounds key Location In Oceanhorn 2

Once you have climbed the pillar either with the help of vine or grappling to unlock the chest, you will find a path that leads you to the Sacred Ground. To unlock the Sacred Ground, you will have to rescue Ambassador Irontalon. Explore the Jungle and you will find a solo Tetraodd that spawns at corner. Look up as shown in the image to find a ring where you can grapple and climb to reach Forest Shrine Pyramid.

Oceanhorn 2

Clear the enemies and pull the lever to unlock the underground path that leads you to Bandit’s Base. Following the wooden platform high ground, you will need to pull the lever to unlock the gate and fight the Chief of the Eye clan. Once you defeat the chief, Ambassador Irontalon will be released and the captured Bandits and Chief will be caged in order to be useful during a war. After climbing out and few dialogues, Ambassador Irontalon will provide Sacred Ground’s Key. So, if you are up ahead to unlock the gate then first save him from the Eye clan. For more informative guides, click on the following link that has been mentioned below the description:

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