Code Vein Cathedral Of Sacred Blood Walkthrough All Mistle Location Map

Code Vein

Code Vein is the latest action role-playing game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Studios. Cathedral of the Sacred Blood is the 5th area in this game and you will pretty much spend a lot of time here due to its maze-like structure.

In this post of Code Vein, I will show you all the mistle locations to complete the area 100% and where to find the Ornate Key to unlock the secret door.

Code Vein Cathedral Of The Sacred Blood Mistle Locations

Location 1

Taking the above image as reference follow the arrow mark till you reach a ladder, drop down that ladder and go to the edge. There at the edge looking down to find a pathway, go along the path till you have to drop down from a window. As soon as you jump down, you will find the 1st mistle.

Location 2


Location 3

After purifying the 2nd mistle, go near the entrance of the door and look below at your left side to find a pathway. Jump down and then climb the ladder, after climbing you will find a level which you need to pull to open one door.

Go through that door and keep advancing further till you reach the other door and open the door from inside. Now you have unlocked both the doors which will help you explore faster.

In the right side tower, you will find anathor door that is already open and as you reach near the door, look below on your right side for a pathway. Keep following that pathway and you will find “Isis Vestige Part C”

After that, there will be only one way which you need to advance until you reach the 3rd mistle.

In Short- From left tower to right tower, then right tower top to the left tower top and follow a single pathway to reach this 3rd mistle.

Location 4

Keep following the path shown in the above image till you could reach an area where the mistle will be in front of you but there will be a gap.

Take a left from there and follow the above markings to reach to the next mistle location.

Location 5

After purifying the 4th mistle, turn back and you will see the fence broken. Look down from that broken place to see a pathway that will lead you to the 5th mistle.

Location 6

Between mistle location 4 and 5, you will come across a few levers that you need to activate.

After that from mistle location, 5 keep advancing further and you will find the 7th mistle.

If you forgot to activate the lever, then you won’t be able to reach the location 6 as the ladder won’t descend down without pulling the lever.

Location 7

From the 6th mistle location, go little ahead and look down to your right side to see the pathway, follow that pathway to reach a tower where you will find the ladder. Advance further using the ladder to find the 7th mistle.

Location 8

After purifying the 7th mistle, you will find 2 levers that you need to activate to open a locked door. The locked door will be right in front of the 7th mistle.

Once the door unlocks, go to the next area and you will find two pathways at your bottom right side. The first path will lead you to a secret lever that will unlock a door.

The second pathway will lead you to the 8th mistle and help you advance in the game. Use the image above to locate this 2nd pathway.

In the second pathway, you need to drop two times and find a ladder then advance through a tower till you meet Big Mama Monster.

To advance further, you need to kill her and proceed forward to unlock two doors. To locate the 8th mistle, you need to jump down where you met the Big Monster.

We recommend you to advance further to unlock doors and then come back to purify the mistle. After killing her, look down from the broken fences on your left side and you will find the 8th mistle.

After unlocking two doors, proceed forward to fight with a mini-boss “Argent Wolf Berserker”

Location 9

After killing the mini-boss “Argent Wolf Berserker” go-ahead to find the next mistle. Near this mistle, you will find ladders to go up, and while going up you will notice a locked chest. Inside that chest, you will find “Ornate Key” in order to complete the area. Below you will find the walkthrough to the location of this chest.

Code Vein Ornate Key

The rest of the mistle locations will be on your way while searching for both Shoddy and Ornate key. Check the images for reference where to find these keys and in which door to use.

The shoddy key will be available at the top of the tower in a locked box. Using the ladders go to the top of the tower in the image mentioned at the bottom of the page.. After retrieving it, unlock the door using the map which requires this key to obtain the Ornate key.

Use the Ornate key to reach the final part of the Cathedral area.

Code Vein Keys Location Cathedral

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