Oceanhorn 2- How To Get Hoverbike From The Old Warehouse

Oceanhorn 2

In Oceanhorn 2, once you have saved Trin and met Master Mayfair, he will provide you his key to the warehouse where the Hoverbike is kept. To reach the warehouse, you will need to eliminate the Dark Troopers and Dark Commanders as well as dodge the incoming mortar from the big drone. Well, the task is not much of a challenge but once you reach the boundary of the warehouse, you will be unable to enter the vicinity without a specific item. In this guide, we have mentioned the item location and necessary weapon to unlock the chest in order to obtain the Explosives.

How To Get Hoverbike From The Old Warehouse In Oceanhorn 2

Once you reach the warehouse, you will find the cracked wall which cannot be broken or burned by any means unless you have the explosives to blow it up. You must have passed through the place where the chest is kept inside the wooden barricade beside the signboard that says “Road To The Old Mine”.

Oceanhorn 2

To blow and burn the wooden barricade, you can use the Cluster Gun and unlock the chest as shown in the image above. The chest contains the explosives that can be deployed near the cracked wall to blow it up. Once you have entered the warehouse, you will need to defeat the enemies and open the chest which contains the Health Container. Use the warehouse key and open the door to ride your new hovercraft with Trin to zoom out from the village to the old mine as shown in the image below. If you are up for more solutions for Oceanhorn 2, click the posts as mentioned in the description below and stay tuned for more guides.

Oceanhorn 2

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