Oceanhorn 2- How To Collect Key For Sernoa Underpass Entrance

Oceanhorn 2

In Oceanhorn 2 after meeting Master Mayfair and Gen in a small camp out of Sernoa Highlands, you will have to take the detour through the Fortress Ruins where a gate can be lowered by applying the same trick as we used earlier by throwing the spear on the lever. The lever is situated high up on the wall and you can throw the vase easily to lower the barricade and find the entrance to the underpass. To enter the underpass, you will need its key to unlock the gate and access. In this guide, we have mentioned how and where to collect the key.

How To Collect Key For Sernoa Underpass Entrance In Oceanhorn 2

Oceanhorn 2

As shown in the image above, you will need to open the chest that is situated upon the platform. To climb the platform, you will need to take a route by running straight on the slope and jump to another platform until you reach the opposite side as marked in the image. On the other side, you will need to defeat the enemies roaming in the wild and climb the top of the hill to burn the barricade with the help of your Cluster Gun.

After breaking the wooden barricade, open the chest which contains the key for the Sernoa Underpass Entrance. Jump down and use the key to unlock the gate to enter the Sernoa Fortress Underpass to advance all the way towards Sernoa Station in order to meet Master Mayfair. For more informative guides on Oceanhorn 2, you can click the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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