Oceanhorn 2- Discover Arne Overlook Challenge Location

Oceanhorn 2

In Oceanhorn 2, you will obtain Cluster gun from Master Mayfair once you have opened the Tower Gate to meet him. You need to remember that Cluster gun is necessary to complete the challenge to discover Arne Overlook. It might be tricky and frustrating for the players who strictly stick to the main mission and do not deviate from the path to search various objects and Chests. In this guide, we have mentioned where to climb and reach to discover Arne Overlook and complete the challenge.

How To Discover Arne Overlook In Oceanhorn 2

After obtaining the Cluster Gun from Master Mayfair, you will need to find a shortcut to reach his house. Once you reach home, there will be a small cutscene where a yellow plane crashes down in the Woods. The next quest which Master Mayfair provides to you will be to reach the Woods and save the person boarding the ship i.e. Trin.

To reach Woods quickly without wasting any time, you will have to move backside of the Master Mayfair house where the vines are blocked by whitethorn ball. You can burn those thorns with the help of the cluster gun to take yet another shortcut to reach the Woods where the plane is crashed. You will need to climb all the way up with the help of the vines and ladder.

Oceanhorn 2

Once you have climbed the hill and advance forward to the hollow trunk which connects the hill to the Woods, you will need to turn right instead of entering the trunk. As shown in the image above, you will find a small pillar that has a symbol engraved on it. Climb that pillar with the help of the ladder i.e. attached and hence a small cutscene will be triggered which will complete the challenge. If you are up for more interesting guides and solutions for Oceanhorn 2, click on the link that has been provided below the description:

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