Code Vein Statue Of Goddess Location, To Unlock New Area Cathedral

Code Vein

Code Vein is the latest action role-playing game developed by¬†BANDAI NAMCO Studios. After defeating the fourth main boss “Insatiable Despot” in dried up trenches, Louis tells you that all the leads go back to the Ruined City Center. After that Mia will tell you about a secret switch on the Statue Of Goddess.

You might have already gone to the location while exploring but might not have paid much attention to the statue as before completing dried up trenches, the statue plays no role.

Code Vein Statue Of Goddess Location

If you have explored all the areas in Ruined City Center, then you must have activated the Park Ruins mistle. If you have not, check the link below to find the location of all mistles and completely map all the parts.

Ruined City Center All Mistle Locations

To find the goddess of the statue, you need to teleport to the Park ruins. Then go ahead a little to find a ladder on your right. Go down that ladder and you will find the “Statue of Goddess“.

At the right side of the statue, you can see a ladder. If you have been here earlier, you might have wondered how to decend it down. Interact with the statue to decend the ladder, then climb the ladder to unlock a new area called “Cathedral Of Sacred Blood“.

Near the statue, you will also find a vestige part of Prometheus, “Prometheus Vestige Part D“.

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