Code Vein How To Make Your Character And Weapons Stronger Guide

Code Vein

Code Vein is the latest action role-playing game developed by¬†BANDAI NAMCO Studios. In the post-apocalyptic world, revenants are forced to hunt for blood for their survival. You being a special revenant can help an NPC “Louis” in his research to find a renewable source of blood beads.

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You need to explore different areas finding a lead with the help of other revenants. During your journey, you will come across many “losts” whom you need to defeat. To kill all the enemies, you need to be stronger than them.

Code Vein How To Level Up Faster

To upgrade your character in this game, you need to collect Haze by killing enemies. Leveling up your character is quite easy in this game if you explore an area 100% before proceeding.

While exploring the same area, again and again, you get a huge amount of Haze and level up quickly. In the area “Ruined City Center”, after advancing from the parking lot, you will find the blood code of Hunter.

After collecting the blood code, a message will appear on the screen that “One of the lost has invaded in search of blood”. You need to fight with a lot of enemies that will keep coming in 5 waves and after killing them, you will obtain a lof of Haze to upgrade your character.

You can try the above method multiple times, to level up faster at the starting of the game. We suggest you to never leave the dropped Haze once you die. Go back to the same area to retrieve all those Haze.

If you have dropped some Haze and forget to pick them up, you can visit the Hot Sauna later in your home base and collect half of the Haze that you had lost.

While killing the enemies, they will drop resources called “Lost Shard”. Don’t forget to equip those loss shards and use them to gain a large amount of Haze.

Code Vein Customize Weapons

There are two different way to upgrade your weapons and increase its stats which are:

  • Transform Weapons
  • Upgrade Weapons
Transform Weapons

To transform your weapons, go talk to Murasame in the home base. You need a resource called “Chrome” to transform your weapons. These chromes can be obtained from other NPC by exchanging items.

To transform weapons, you need a high amount of Haze. Once you have enough Haze and Chrome, go to Murasame and transform your weapons.

There are various transformation for a single weapon, so make sure to trade Chrome from the right NPC to increase the stats fit for your gameplay.

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Upgrade Weapons

To transform a weapon, you need to go to home base and talk to Murasame. To upgrade weapons, you need two resources. The first resource is quite common which you obtain by killing enemies, “Haze”.

The second resources are Queen Iron, Queen Steel, Queen Titanium and much more. Using these two resources you can upgrade your weapons and increase their stats. These resources are not so tough to obtain in the game, you need to explore a bit, kill all the losts and find locked chests.

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