Code Vein Dried Up Trenches All Mistle Location 100% Walkthrough Guide

Code Vein is the latest action role-playing game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Studios. To complete the area 100%, you need to explore each corner of the area and search for the locations of mistle. Once you purify all the mistle, the area will be automatically visible in the map then you can discover all the collectibles and hidden treasure chests

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You can reach this area after killing the third main boss “Butterfly of Delirium”. In this area, there will be 5 mistles that you need to purify to completely map the area. In this post, we will show all the locations of mistle. Dried up trenches mistles are located in a hidden area and you need to jump down the cliff to reach it.

Code Vein Dried Up Trenches Mistle Locations

Location 1

The first mistle can be found as you enter the dried up trench, keep advancing forward, till you find some junk on the right side. Look down from there and you can see a pathway. Jump down from the cliff as shown in the image above and you will find the first mistle.

Location 2

While advancing further in this area, you will come across a lot of boxes which you need to break and then go right. Instead, break all the boxes and look down to find a pathway. Go all the way on that pathway to find the 2nd mistle.

Location 3

In the middle of dried up trenches, you will come across a hut types area. From the left side of the hut jump down on the pathway.

There you will find a secret weapon for ranger ” Riot Breaker +3″ if you go straight on the pathway into the cave.

If you take the right from that pathway, you will reach inside the hut and find the 3rd mistle.

Location 4

Before going straight to fight the main boss and before location the 5th mistle, you will come across this area where you have to fight a lot of enemies.

Check out the image below to locate the exact location where you have to look down and jump. After jumping, you need to go straight on the pathway, climb a ladder and go right to find the 4th mistle.

Location 5

This is the last mistle that you will find just before fighting the boss “insatiable Despot”.

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