Code Vein Ruined City Underground All Mistle Location 100% Walkthrough

Code Vein

Code Vein is the latest action role-playing game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Studios. To complete the area 100%, you need to explore each corner of the area and search for the locations of mistle. Once you purify all the mistle, the area will be automatically visible in the map then you can discover all the collectibles and hidden treasure chests

In this post, below you will find the location of all the mistle in the area “Ruin City Underground” and obtain a rare weapon “Queenslayer Greatsword”

In the image below, you can also find all the hidden chest that you can unlock and obtain valuables and weapons.

To complete the area 100%, you need to visit the location shown in all the image and defeat a mini-boss. After defeating the mini-boss and opening a locked chest there, the remaining 17% of the area will be unlocked.

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Code Vein Ruined City Underground Mistle Locations

Location 1

This is the first mistle that you will encounter in the game, after being kicked into the underground.

Location 2

Near this mistle, you need will find the Queenslayer Great Sword in the locked chest. You need to go the edge of the area and look down to find the chest. After opening the chest, again look down to find a passage out of that place.

Location 3/4/5

These 3 mistles can be found on your way to the surface and can’t be missed as it a part of the main mission. Once you reach the surface, you have to face the main boss “Oliver Collins”. If you are unable to defeat him, below you can find a guide on how to defeat the first main boss.

Queenslayer Great Sword

This weapon deals massive damage to the “losts” compared to your other weapons at the beginning of the game. Obtaining this weapon helps you a lot while fighting with the main boss “Oliver Collins”

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