Code Vein Ruined City Center All Mistle Location 100% Walkthrough

Code Vein

Code Vein is the latest action role-playing game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Studios. To complete the area 100%, you need to explore each corner of the area and search for the locations of mistle. Once you purify all the mistle, the area will be automatically visible in the map then you can discover all the collectibles and hidden treasure chests

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In this post, below you will find the location of all the mistle in the area “Ruin City Center” and obtain a rare weapon “Zweihander”

Code Vein Ruined City Center Mistle Locations

Location 1

After defeating the first main boss “Oliver”, the surface will be unlocked and you can visit the ruined city center. There you can find an NPC with whom you can exchange a lot of valuables.

This NPC will only accept Old World Material in exchange for other items. Old World Materials can be obtained by killing the lots and in the undergrounds.

You need to go straight from that NPC into the caves and you keep going forward to find the first mistle of Ruined City Center.

Location 2

Location 3

Location 4

To locate this mistle, you need to go inside the parking lot ground floor. There on the left side, you can see some stairs, climb up the stairs till the top to find this mistle. You will find a locked door that you can open, which connects you the route to the 2nd mistle on the first floor of the parking lot.

Location 5

To locate the 5th and 6th mistle, you need to defeat a 2-3 mini-bosses, who are quite strong, but if your level is high and you are equipped with some strong weapons, then you can easily defeat.

Location 6

Zweihander Location

This weapon is one of the best weapon we have used in this game and still currently using it after completing the “Howling City”. We have already discussed where to find the locked chest containing this rare weapon. Click HERE to check out the post containing the location of rare weapons.

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