Fortnite Battle Royale- How To Complete Bottle Flip Challenge

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Fortnite never ceases to surprise and the latest 10.40 update has brought up various new contents and among these, a special set of challenges has been introduced that involves you to complete 14 different Bullseye challenges. All these 14 challenges are rewarding and as all the players are rushing to complete these set of challenges, the number of players dropping off and landing on certain zones will give rise to quick fight. As players are unaware of the specific locations to hit at the beginning, they lose an opportunity which allows them to complete the challenges quickly and efficiently.

Land a Bottle Flip on a Target Near a Giant Fish, Llama, or Pig Bullseye Challenge Of Fortnite

Before proceeding to the challenge, make sure you have reached Tier 37 on Season 10 Battle Pass in order to unlock an item Bottle Flip. This item is necessary in order to complete the challenge and so if you are short on XP then it would be better to focus on completing Weekly Challenges. Once you have unlocked the item, you can equip and drop down from the battle bus to any of these specified locations as mentioned in the image below.


It’s useless if you have not unlocked the challenge yet as the Bottle Flip Target location will not be notified or triggered in any of these animal locations. It is not a difficult task to unlock the challenge but the most time taking method would be to flip the bottle in the target location and make it certain that the bottle lands perfectly. It will consume a lot of your precious time to complete the Bottle Flip challenge but once you get it right, the reward will be yours to obtain. For more information regarding Fortnite, you can click on the following links that has been mentioned below the description: