Code Vein Different Weapon Types And Secret Weapons Locations

Code Vein

Code Vein is the latest action role-playing game developed by BANDAI NAMCO Studios. In this anime-style hack and slash game, there are various types of weapons. Each weapon has its own special characteristics and stats.

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All these weapons are great to look at when equipped, so below I have shown the locations of a few areas where you can find some of the best weapons which will help you easily clear that area.

In this post of Code Vein, I will show the location of some of the best weapons you can find in-game and different types of weapon that you can equip.

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We will keep updating this post as we obtain new rare weapons. If you have some more locations of some rare weapons do share with us in the comments.

Code Vein Weapon Types

There is a total of 5 different types of weapons that you can equip in this game which are:

  • One-handed sword (Queenslayer Blade)
  • Double-handed heavy sword (Queenslayer Great Sword)
  • Polearm Spears (Cerulean Spear)
  • Heavy Weapons (Heavy Axe)
  • Long-Range Weapons (Bayonet)

Code Vein Best Weapons Location

Queenslayer Great Sword

You can find this weapon in the underground during your first quest. As the stranger revenant kicks you and Oliver into the underground, at the left side, you can see a locked gate. Go right and later you will come across that locked gate which will open from the other side.

After you open the gate, go upstairs and head straight. Once you reach the end of that path, you have to turn right to advance in the game. But instead of turning right, go to the edge and look down to find a locked chest. Inside that locked chest we got this rare weapon which has pretty high stats and can easily kill the lost.



This is a heavy weapon which you will find in the Area E-13 Ruined City Center. Once you reach this area, keep advancing further till you meet a Self Important Revenant who will tell you to stop looking for the human.


Drop down the ladder from the parking lot and advance further till you get an intersection. You will get two intersections where both time you should take the right. Then keep going ahead till you find the ground floor of the parking lot, you can take help from the image of the map given above. Outside the ground floor of the parking lot, you will find a locked chest which contains this weapon.

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