Oceanhorn 2 How To Open The Tower Gate To Meet Master Mayfair

Oceanhorn 2 is an action role-playing game developed by Cornfox & Bros. This game is the sequel to one of the popular title “Oceanhorn” that was released in 2013. The game is currently available only on Apple Arcade.

You need to update your iOS to the latest version and open App store to view all the contents of the Apple Arcade. You need to pay only 5$ per month for all the exclusive games which according to us is a pretty sweet deal.

Oceanhorn 2 is situated in a fantasy world where a young boy is born with a prophecy that he needs to fulfill. You will be playing as this young boy and training hard to become a Knight. The graphics of the game is pretty amazing with soothing music which you shouldn’t miss experiencing.

Oceanhorn 2 Open Tower Gate

After retrieving the knight book from the pirates, you need to visit ARNE Village and meet master Mayfair. After that, you need to follow him to your house and take rest. After waking up, GEN will tell you to meet Master Mayfair in a tower.

Once you reach the tower, the gates will be closed and you need to find a way to get inside. Look around the area and you will find a spear. Look at the image above, you need to aim your spear and throw it at the level to open the gate.

Don’t worry even if you have missed the spear and it broke off, you can find anathor spear just outside the wall where the lever is situated. There will be only spears and even after that you fail to open the door, or the door got closed automatically, you can try throwing the barrels.

Make sure to throw these items from a certain distance and you should be near the tower gate. Because sometimes the tower gates seem to close automatically.

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