Oceanhorn 2 How To Exit The Dungeon By Using Caster Gun Walkthrough

Oceanhorn 2 is an action role-playing game developed by Cornfox & Bros. At the beginning of the game, you need to retrieve the knight book from the pirates. After retrieving the knight book, you need to visit the ARNE village and meet with Master Mayfair.

After that, you need to visit the tower in the forest, but to enter the tower, you need to solve a puzzle. Check out the last post HERE on how to open the tower gate. Once you are inside the tower, meet with Master Mayfair and you will get the Caster Gun.

Oceanhorn 2 Exit The Dungeon

Once you get the caster gun, you have to open a treasure box beside it from which you will get the Fire Spell container which is required to exit the dungeon. With fire spell container, you can now shoot fire from your gun. You will only get 1 shot, so we recommend you not to waste it.

To exit the dungeon inside the tower, you need to use your caster gun on the torch stand as shown in the image above. Once you hit the torch stand, it will light up and the gate will open. Go through the gate to exit the dungeon.

If you have wasted the single fire shot, you need to search for more flammable seeds. You need to collect 3-4 seeds in order to get 1 ammo. Look for sparkling light on the floor, go near that light and search to find these seeds. You can also find these seeds in some vase that you can break with your sword.

But before exiting, don’t forget to break all the vases and open the treasure boxes to collect all the collectibles. Just before opening the gate, you will have to press the button beside the stairs to lower the rock barricades. Just pick up any vase and put in on the button, so that the barricade doesn’t come up once you leave that area.

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