Untitled Goose Game Pub Tasks Complete Walkthrough And Guide

Untitled Goose Game is a stealth game developed by House House. In this game, you will be controlling a goose, who annoys a whole lot of people in a village. There are various mischievous tasks that you need to clear in order to complete the game.

In this post, I will show you the solution of all the task you need to complete in the fourth area of the game.

Untitled Goose Game Pubs Tasks

How To Get Inside The Pub?

To enter the pub, just hide inside the cardboard box near the yellow van and one of the pub employees will carry you inside.

How To Break The Dart Board?

When the old man was just about to throw the dart, you need to make the goose stand behind him and honk as loud as you can.

How To Get The Toy Boat?

To get the toy boat, you need to fill up the sink with water. But if the pub owner is near she will check it out and close it.

You need to turn on the sink when she is far away and distract her after turning on the sink. Once the sink is filled with water, you can grab the toy boat and run.

How To Make The Old Man Fall On His Bum?

Wait for the moment when the old man was about to sit in his chair and the drag the stool from the behind.

How To A Flower As An Award?

Go near the table where two women are sitting and having a chat. Stand on the black stage and copy the posture done by these women exactly to get the award.

How To Steal A Pint Glass And Drop It In The Canal?

To complete this task, you need to make sure the gate is cleared. The canal in which you have to throw the pint glass is just on the opposite side of the pub.

So after stealing the glass, hide for a moment and check whether the gate is clear or not. Then take the glass to the opposite side and from the bridge, you can drop the glass in the canal.

How To Set The Table?

The table can be found on the backside of the pub. You need to find a knife, fork, pepper, candle, and plate. The plate will be at the backside of the pub and the rest other things will be inside the pub.

How To Drop The Bucket On Burly Man’s Head?

To drop the bucket on the man’s head, you need to steal the tomatoes from the back of the pub. Then drop these tomatoes near the man and he will pick it up to place it back.

When he goes backside of the pub to put the tomatoes back, you can quickly go inside the pub near the sink. Then drop the bucket on the man head once he bends down.

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