Untitled Goose Game Toothbrush Location Go Shopping Task 2nd Area

Untitled Goose Game is a stealth game developed by House House. In this game, you will be controlling a goose, who has a list of evil task to perform all over a village. You can honk, annoy someone by stealing from them or have a picnic.

In the game, you will get access to each area once you complete all the tasks of the previous area. Most of these tasks are quite easy, but for some, you really need to scratch your head.

There is a hell lot of task you need complete and in this post, we will show you where to find the toothbrush for the “Go Shopping” task in the 2nd area. Finding the toothbrush was quite difficult and we got it by chance.

Untitled Goose Game Toothbrush Location

If you are searching for the last piece toothbrush, that means you must have completed all other tasks. If you have not completed, you could check out some of the other walkthroughs below.

By going to the right side of the shop, you will find a dustbin near the play area of anathor house. In front of that house, you will find some tables and chairs. You need to go near the dustbin and drop it down.

After dropping the dustbin, you will find the toothbrush rolled out of it. You can take the toothbrush and place it inside the shopping cart to complete the task.

The rest of the items for the shopping list are quite easy to get from the shop. Make sure to keep the shopping cart out of the reach of shopkeeper else she might come looking for her things if it is near the shop.

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