Ulala Shaman Build Guide, Gears, Skills, Attributes And Tips

Ulala Idle Adventure is an idle role-playing fun co-op game developed by X.D. Global. There is a total of 8 classes in the game. At the beginning of the game, you will have an option to choose between 4 characters and each character has 2 classes.

Shaman class in this game is known to be a healer which supports your team from the backline. Most of your skills are focused on healing your teammates and are unlocked once you use the transcend feature.

In this post of Ulala Idle Adventure, you will learn about shaman build with best attributes, gears, and skills.

Ulala Shaman Build


Attribute feature is unlocked once your character reaches level 14. There will three types of attributes that you can increase for each character which is Intelligence, Strength, and Technical.

In the case of Shaman, the most important attribute is Intelligence. It increases your ATK and HIT which basically your healing power, benefits you and your allies during boss battles.

Most of the players will tell you that strength is not that important for the Shaman as you have to remain in the backline and heal your teammates. But that is not entirely correct, even at the backline during boss battles, you will get damaged by boss skills. These skills are like Throw Boulder which ignores the tank standing in front and attacks the backline heroes.

So make sure you have an adequate amount of Strenght to at least survive the battles and heal your teammates. If you are dying very early in boss battles, you need to increase your strength attribute.

The last attribute is the Technical which increases Shaman armor, crit and tenacity. You should first increase INT, then Technical and if HP is required, increase the strength attribute. Crit is not required for Shaman class as your main focus should be upon healing your allies but you need to increase this attribute for those extra armors and tenacity which will prevent your character from getting bonus crit damage from enemies.


Gears are used to equip your character and increase the base stats. As you keep progressing in the game and increasing your character level, you will get some gears as drops. These drops can be of till epic level and you need to enhance them to make them stronger.

To make your character much stronger, you need to equip them with legendary gears whose border will be a yellowish color. These gears can be purchased from the black market using starfish and pearls. So make sure to save enough starfish and pearl till you reach level 20 to buy these legendary gear and make your character much stronger.


Skills are unlocked once you reach level 6, 10, 20 and 40. Each character can equip up to 4 skills depending on the nature of its class. In the case of Shaman, most of its skills are healing based which heals your allies when they have low HP. Skills in this game have a rarity and the range from common to legendary.

Each region in this game have some specific skills that you need to unlock. You can unlock these skills from the skill chest using starfish or pearls. But we recommend you to save as many starfish and pearls you can till you unlock the black market. In the black market, you can buy these legendary skills and upgrade them to make your character much stronger.

Some of the Shaman Best skills a bit early game are: Ancestral Protection, Faith Protection, Spring Totem, Rain Dance, and Drums of Purge.

To upgrade any skills, you need to go to the skills page and tap on the upgrade button. There you need to choose any low tier skills which will get devoured and your current skill will be upgraded.

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