Greedfall Cera Fight On Your Way To Vinbarr’s And Save Constantine


Greedfall is an action RPG game developed by Spiders. In this game, sometimes you have to make some hard choices and get some negative reputation among the alliance members. There is no way to avoid these negative reputation no matter whatever choices you choose.

GreedFall Cera Fight

So you need to check if your reputation is high enough of that alliance and even if you get -1 or -2 reputation, your status will still remain friendly. During the main quest “On The High King’s Trail,” you will meet the High King Vinbarr’s wife “Cera” and after you rescue her, she will escort you to the cave of knowledge.

Inside the cave, you will come across a choice where you need to talk about how the High King took away Constantine or keep this a secret. We choose the option to tell her about the High King and Constantine.

Later on the main quest “Vinbarr’s Sanctuary”, Cera will be at the bottom of the Sanctuary waiting for you to fight, because she sees you as a threat to High king. While fighting with her, you will lose a lot of reputation among the Natives.

But don’t worry even if you lose a lot of reputation, you also gain a lot of reputation from the Natives. If you complete all the side mission of the Native, then your status will remain always as friendly, if you avoid fighting with Natives, including the rebels.

Greedfall Cera How To Avoid Fight?

We still don’t exactly even how to avoid this fight, because after fighting with her only we got the second seed to open the sanctuary door.

I think if we keep the fact secret that High King Vinbarr took Constantine, then see might not see us as a threat. This is just my speculation and some other quests might have some effect on how to avoid this fight.

Do let us know in the comments if you find a way to avoid fighting with Cera.

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