Gears 5 Scavengers Locations Act 3 Secondary Quest Walkthrough

Gears 5 is a third-person shooter game developed by The Coalition. After clearing out the snowy area, you will reach Act 3 desert area. This area will be the same as the previous one where you have the chance to free roam and explore the map. While exploring you will come across some locations which will automatically start your secondary mission.

Upon completing these missions, you will be awarded the ultimate ability of your companion “Jack”. In this post of Gears 5, I will show the three locations where you need to visit and find the locker to get Jack’s ultimate ability components.

In Act 3, if you reach any one of the locations in the image posted below, you will start a secondary mission called “Scavengers”. Upon collecting all the components from the three sites, you will get Jack ultimate upgrade “Detonator Implant”. It is the ultimate upgrade of the ability “Hijack”, once the enemies are hijacked, they will detonate upon death-dealing area damage.

Gears 5 Scavengers Locations

In the image, you can check the three marked locations you need to visit to complete the scavenger quest. Once you visit these locations, you need to fight with enemies and look for the component in a safe lock. Once you collect all the components, you will automatically get the ultimate upgrade.

The first location will be city ruins on the top side. Once you reach that area, you need to talk with the NPC and fight your way through enemies. Keep progressing till the end and you will find the first component.

The second location is a cargo shipwreck where you will be attacked with two swarms. Inside a container, you will find a robot suit which will help you to clear out the swarms. After killing the swarms go to the backside and collect the second component.

The third location is just opposite to the cargo shipwreck. Once you visit the last location, you have to fight off some enemies and a snatcher. After defeating them go inside and rescue people trapped over there and on the desk you will find the last component to get Jack’s ultimate upgrade.

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