Gears 5 Condor Crash Site Locations To Upgrade Jack Ultimate

Gears 5 is a third-person shooter game developed by The Coalition. During your journey, you will be accompanied by AI companion “Jack” who has both offense and defense abilities that you need to unlock and upgrade later in the game. Each ability of Jack has 4 sub perks that you can unlock by collecting the upgrade components.

The ultimate perk of each ability is locked until you complete certain side missions and find some condor crash sites. After clearing out these side quest, you will get Jack ultimate upgrade of his abilities.

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In this post of Gears 5, I will show all condor crash sites locations to help you unlock Jack ultimate abilities “Marked For Death”, “Brawler” and some of Jack’s upgradeable components.

Gears 5 Condor Crash Site Locations

Crash Site 1

Above is the location is the first condor crash site which can be accessed during Act 2. Once you reach the location shown above, you will have to fight off two swarms and robots. After killing all the enemies, go ahead inside the wrecked ship and you will find a safe box. Open the safe box and you will get the ultimate upgrade of Jack’s Ability “Marked For Death”.

Crash Site 2

Visit the location shown above in the image and you will reach the second crash site. Once you reach the site, go inside and you will face some robots. After killing the robots, you will have to do a mini-boss battle with a helicopter.

Once you destroy the helicopter, it will crash and open up space in the crash site. Visit the crash site and you will a safe lock there. Open up the safe lock to get the ultimate upgrade of one of Jack’s ability.

Crash Site 3

The third condor crash site can be accessed once you visit the Act 3. Visit the location shown in the image above to reach the location. In this location, you will only get a few of Jack’s upgradable components after defeating the enemies. After leaving this crash condor site, the achievement “Pennies From Heaven” will be unlocked.

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