Greedfall Memory Crystal Locations To Reset Your Character


Greedfall is an action RPG game developed by Spiders. There are various skills, talents, and attributes available to unlock which will help you develop the course of the game. At the starting of the game, you will be allowed to choose between 3 class Warrior, Technical, and Magic.

According to these 3 classes you need to choose the best attribute and talent suitable according to your game style. Although each class has specialized attribute and talents but you can still unlock any skills irrespective of class if you need it later in-game.

To reset your attribute and skills tree in this game, you need to use “Memory Crystal”. Memory Crystals will reset all your character class, skills, attributes, and talent tree, so you can enjoy trying out all 3 classes during your journey to find the cure for the deadly disease.

During your journey, you can find 4-5 memory crystals to reset your skills and below is the location to find the crystals.

Greedfall Memory Crystal Location

You will get your first memory crystal when you try to leave Serene. After talking with Vasco, you need to follow him to set sail for the island “Teer Fradee”. There you will encounter an unknown creature and after defeating him you will get your first memory crystal.

Second memory crystal will be awarded to you after you complete the main quest “Face to face with the demon” and solve the puzzle.

Third memory crystal can be found after killing a boss “Nadaig Glendemen”. You will encounter this boss while doing the third side quest of Vasco. In this quest, you have to find the wreckage ship and near the ship, you will encounter the boss.

In Vedvelvie at the top right corner of the map, you will encounter a guardian. Defeat the guarding to receive good loots and memory crystal

The fifth crystal can be obtained by completing the main quest Pursuit of the Tierna Harh Cadachtas.

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