Greedfall Factions Symbols Guide, Disguise, And Faction Capes


Greedfall is the latest open-world action RPG game developed Spiders. The game revolves around the political aspect of an island called “Teer Fradee” where 6 factions reside together and don’t have a friendly diplomatic scenario amongst them. You will be playing as the Legate of one of these factions “Congregation Of Merchant” who’s job is to handle the diplomatic relations and to find a cure for a deadly disease “Malicure”

The 6 factions that live in Teer Frade are:

  • Congregation Of Merchant
  • Bridge Alliance
  • Theleme
  • Nauts
  • Natives
  • Coin Guard

Greedfall Factions Symbol

Only by changing the armor, you can change your disguise. Look for these icons in your torso and once you equip them, you belong to that faction and can easily enter restricted areas.


Congregation Of Merchant




Bridge Alliance








Coin Guard










Greedfall Faction Guide

Not all factions are friendly towards each other, so you need to choose the correct companion from the camp member or your resident in order to avoid conflict. For example, there is a war going in between Saint Matheus and The Region of Hikmet. So you cannot choose Petrus to accompany you to Hikmet Governer palace.

Similarly, Saint Matheus doesn’t like Natives much, so if you choose Siora to accompany you to Saint Matheus, during quest there might come a situation where you are forced to battle and will gain a negative reputation.

Greedfall Faction Cape

To earn faction cape of all the faction, you need to have a friendly reputation with all the alliance members. Once your reputation reaches friendly with a particular alliance member, the rewards are automatically transferred to your chest box which is located in any campfire or in your resident.

To make your reputation friendly among all the alliance members, you need to complete all the side quests avoiding as much battle as you can. Use your charisma or intuition to manipulate the NPC to your favor and increase your reputation.

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