Greedfall The Trail Of The Waters Main Quest Walkthrough And Guide


Greedfall is an action RPG game developed by Spiders. In this game, there are various factions and you are given the role of the legate of one such faction “Congregation Of Merchant”. Your job will be to handle diplomatic relations between the faction and maintain the alliance while finding a cure for the deadly disease “Malicure”.

In this post of Greedfall, I will show you how to complete the main quest “The Trail Of The Water” by meeting Glendan and progress in the game. Players might face difficulties in two areas of this quest. The first one will be entering Glendan house, as it will be guarded by guards and you need a coin to enter. The second will be after entering the cave, you get an additional quest as “Solve The Mystery Of The Source”. To solve the mystery of the source, you need to light the candles correctly as per the order.

GreedFall How To Meet Glendan?

To meet Glendan to complete this quest, you need to first complete “The suffering of Constantine”. If you have not completed the suffering of Constantine quest yet, you cannot visit Glendan home, as you need the coin given by the Catasach.

The coin will be given by Catasach who will come to rescue Constantine from Malicure disease. So after getting the coin, visit Glendan home and show the coin to the guards to get inside.

GreedFall The Trail Of The Water

Once you are inside Glendan home, talk to him about the location of the trail of the water. After getting the location, go inside the cave and solve the mystery of the source. Inside the cave after solving the mystery, you can either fight the guardian and complete the quest or if you have Vigor level 3, you can climb the cliff and complete the quest.

The source of the mystery solution pattern is Wind —> Ice —> Sun —> Water.

After climbing the cliff, you will go on a passage behind the guardian and look for the paintings. After checking out the paintings, go back to Glendan and talk to him to complete “The Trail Of The Water” Quest.

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