Greedfall How To Make Friendly Reputation With All Alliance Member


Greedfall is the latest open-world action RPG game developed Spiders. The game revolves around the political aspect of an island called “Teer Fradee” where 6 factions reside together and don’t have a friendly diplomatic scenario amongst them. You will be playing as the Legate of one of these factions “Congregation Of Merchant” who’s job is to handle the diplomatic relations and to find a cure for a deadly disease “Malicure”

The 6 factions that live in Teer Frade are:

  • Congregation Of Merchant
  • Bridge Alliance
  • Theleme
  • Nauts
  • Natives
  • Coin Guard

At the starting of the game, all the factions will have a suspicious reputation and if you visit any area controlled by other factions, you will be attacked. You can either change your disguise or have a friendly relation with that faction.

Greedfall How To Make Friendly Reputation


To have a friendly relation with other alliance members, you need to solve their problems which are the side quests in this game. The more side quests, you complete with better choices, your reputation with those alliance members will increase gradually. You need to use your charisma and intuition to manipulate other NPC and avoid any battles with them to improve your reputation.

At the starting of the game, you will only have one team member “Kurt” who will accompany you. But later, you will have team members belonging to other factions and you have to always choose two out them to accompany you as an emissary.

These members are:

  1. Kurt – Coin Guard
  2. Vasco – Naut
  3. Siora – Native
  4. Aphra – Bridge Alliance
  5. Petrus – Theleme

In this game, some factions are not very friendly towards each other like the Saint Matheus people don’t like natives much at the beginning of the game. If you take Siora to Saint Matheus, you will probably have to lose some reputation among the Native or the Theleme.

You will come across such similar situation where you need to avoid some teammates while some teammates help you gain more reputation. For Example, if you are doing Native quests, you need to take Siora, if you are doing Nauts quests, you need to take Vasco. By choosing the correct teammate, you will clear out some quests easily without having to fight and losing reputation.

Greedfall Reputation With Allies

You will have 5 allies always at your camp to help you out in dire situations. Each ally will have 3 side quests of its own. So you need to talk to them from time to time to accept these quests and complete them in order to increase your reputation among your allies.

By increasing your reputation with your allies and being friendly, you will gain certain talent boost from them such as:

  • Petrus: Charisma
  • Vasco: Intuition
  • Kurt: Craftmanship
  • Siora: Vigor
  • Aphra: Science

After completing your companion’s side quest you need to talk with to them and select the correct phrases in order to get some more reputation.

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