Gears 5 Lost Outsiders Secondary Misson Walkthrough And Location

Gears 5 is a third-person shooter game developed by¬†The Coalition. I don’t need to say much about this legendary franchise and coming to this post, I will show you the walkthrough and locations to complete the Lost Outsiders Mission. After completing the mission, you will be rewarded with the ultimate upgrade called “Seeker” for Jack’s ability “Shock Trap”.

After completing the Act 2 Chapter 3, you will come out of New Hope. As soon as you are outside, you will see two camp tents. Visit that camp tent and collect all the collectibles, withing those collectibles, you will find a note from Lena. In this note, it’s written that “They have been attacked by a swarm, Lena and her friend is the only survivor and heading for the north tower”. After collecting the note, the Lost Survivors side mission will start.

Now to complete this side mission, you need to locate the north substations but before that, we will suggest you visit the southern substation, as the northern station will be locked. Below I am providing images for the location of both of these towers. In the southern tower, you will find the Lena code for the nothern tower where you will get Jack’s ultimate upgrade “Seeker”.

Gears 5 Lost Outsiders Location

Use the image above to locate the first substation. But to reach that substation, you need to open 1 more COG gate in the way. After opening the COG gate visit the area shown in the image and you will find Lena body. Beside the body, you will find a collectible and using that you need to open the northern substation.

Note: From Southern substation keep going top to find the northern substation

After finding the code in the southern substation, visit the northern substation. The location of the northern substation is in the image above. Once you reach the northern substation, you will find anathor Lena note, saying that she locked her friend inside. Open the northern substation gate using the code and inside you will find her friend turned into the enemy. After killing it open the safe and you will find the ultimate upgrade “Seeker”

Check out below image for more side quest locations:

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