Gears 5 Hollow Storm Secondary Mission Walkthrough And Location

Gears 5 is a third-person shooter game developed by¬†The Coalition. The Secondary mission in this game provides an ultimate upgrade for your companion Jack. In this post of Gears 5, I will show you the three locations which you need to visit and collect the components in order to get the ultimate upgrade “Flash Freeze”.

Gears 5 Hollow Storm Location

The Tunnel

The first location you need to visit is The tunnel as the location is shown in the image above. There will be a small passageway to inside the tunnel beside the train crash. Once you are inside, go till the end of the tunnel and you will encounter a “Carrier”. Kill the carrier and look inside the train compartment where you will find a collectible note.

Then Del wants to use the tech from the Old Grindlift’s to build Jack new ability “Flash Freeze” by finding the parts of Hollow Storm. You need to find two more research site to finally complete the upgrade. The locations of these sites are given below.

Old Derrick Site 1

Note: Near the north substation.

Visit the location as given in the image above and you will reach the Old Derrick Site. Go inside the site and move forward till you reach a ladder. Climb the ladder and try to look for a locker box and open it.

While opening you will be ambushed by some Juvie, Drones, and Pouncers, so be prepared for them. After killing them open the locker box and you will find a component.

Old Derrick Site 2

Visit the location as given in the image above and you will reach another Old Derrick Site. Inside you have to fight with a lot of Drones and a Warden. After killing them look for the locker box and open it to find the last component to make “Flash Freeze”.