Gears 5 Batista Playable Character And How To Get It For Free

Gears 5 is a third-person shooter game developed by The Coalition. The game can be played from 5th September by those who have bought the ultimate pass and will be released worldwide on 10th September. In this part of Gears 5, users can choose different characters for a multiplayer mode like Horde, Escape, and Versus.

Out of all the characters, one such special character that has been added is David Michael Bautista also known as “Batista” in the WWE ring. It’s been official that Batista will be free to play from September 15 and this promotion ends on October 28.

Gears 5 Batista

It’s been already official and has been tweeted by David Michael Bautista himself. As you can see the video, Batista wearing the cog armor and ready to fight the enemies. The actor has been trying from a long time to be a part of the gears of war movie and finally got it’s debut on Gears 5 game. Well, for now, you can’t see him in single-player mode, as he is only a playable character in multiplayer modes.

You can play Batista character in Gears 5 from September 15th, simply just buy any version of the game and login with your Xbox ID to get Batista for free.

Dave has already had its eyes on the role of Marcus Fenix in Gears of War movie, but still, we are not sure will he be playing that role but certainly he is a step closer by making his debut in gears 5.

The Coalition released a statement to Bleacher Report explaining about the new character WWE Legend Dave Bautista.

“Dave has long been passionate about joining the Gears franchise, and we’re thrilled to be working in partnership with him to bring his signature WWE style to the game. The iconic attitude of WWE’s Batista will be incorporated into ‘Gears 5’ as a multiplayer skin, allowing both Gears and wrestling fans alike to jump into the action as Batista across all multiplayer modes including Horde, Versus and Escape.”

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