Astral Chain Heavy Traffic 3 Car Puzzle Solution Guide For S Rank

Astral Chain is an action-adventure game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Nintendo. The game is exclusively available on Nintendo Switch. In this game, the multidimensional creature invaded the city and as a part of the special task force, your job is to fight against them and save the world.

To fight these multidimensional creatures, a special task force unit named Neuron is formed who can use their legion to fight these monsters. You can activate your legion pretty much anywhere to help you during your investigation.

In file 8 of this game, you will come across a lot of puzzles out which the most difficult one will be heavy traffic 3. You need to use your Arm Legion to move around the cars and make a clear path for the vehicles to pass through.

In this post of Astral Chain, I will show to fastest way to complete this puzzle within 35 moves and help you to achieve the S rank.

Astral Chain Heavy Traffic 3

In this image above the cars are numbered and I will write the solution step by step according to the numbered car. You need to follow these step by step to complete this puzzle within the given limit and get the bonus reward with S rank.

  1. Move Car 1 upside (2 tiles).
  2. Move Car 2 down (2 tiles).
  3. Move car 1 down (3 tiles).
  4. Move car 3 down (2 tiles).
  5. Move car 4 down (3 tiles).
  6. Move car 5 right side (2 tiles) and then down (2 tiles).
  7. Move car 6 right side (4 tiles).
  8. Move car 3 up (2 tiles) and right side (1 tile).
  9. Move car 2 up (3 tiles) and right side (1 tile).
  10. Move car 8 up (2 tiles) and left side (1tile).

With this, it completes the heavy traffic car puzzle 3 within 30 moves and you will get the bonus reward and the S rank achievement. The bonus reward contains the premium material code to upgrade your legions.

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