Astral Chain Raven Armor & Other Hidden Outfits To Unlock In-Game

Astral Chain is an action-adventure game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Nintendo. The game is exclusively available on Nintendo Switch. In this game, the multidimensional creature invaded the city and as a part of the special task force, your job is to fight against them and save the world.

To fight these multidimensional creatures, a special task force unit named Neuron is formed who can use their legion to fight these monsters. You can activate your legion pretty much anywhere to help you during your investigation.

In this post of Astral Chain, I will show you how to unlock the Raven Armor, Square Glasses A, ARI Medical Gear, Police Armor, and Bandage Eye.

Astral Chain How To Unlock Ari Medical Gear

To Unlock Ari Medical Gear, you need to find the location of all 12 toilets. We will upload a post on all these 12 toilet locations. Once you have collected all the items, give it to the toilet fairy in your Headquarter to get the ARI Medical Gear.

Astral Chain Raven Armor Location

To unlock Raven Armor set, you need to ask for missions from Olive’s. Keep completing the missions till you receive the mission name ARI and have to fight against chimeras.

The chain only turns red when your legion is active and remains blue all the time. Although it’s a little disappointment the chain doesn’t always remain red, but still, the outfit looks amazing.

Astral Chain Square A Eye Location

Square A Eye can be easily found in File 3, second chapter “Missing”. You need to visit the area where you had to eavesdrop on two people. On the opposite side, you can find the fire escape and jump over there with the help of your legion. Keep going to the top of the building and at the end of the other side of the building, you will find a box containing Square A Eye.

Astral Police Armor Location

Police Armor can be found in File 3, third chapter “Stranger”. Once you are in the astral plane, you need to move till you find an area where you need to use your legion to move blocks.

Without standing on the blocks, if you hit the button the blocks will go down. But if you are standing on it, it will go up. Go up and look to your left to notice a flight of stairs. Keep advancing through the stairs and you will trigger a boss fight. After defeating the boss, you will receive a box with Police Armor inside it.

Astral Chain Bandage Location

You will find the Bandage in File 5, after the introduction of twin laying in bed, go to the room left of theirs. In the corner of the room, you will find the Bandage gear laying on the floor next to bed.