Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey Recruit Members Using These Tips

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey is an open-world survival game where not only you survive for yourself but for the entire clan members. You go out on an exploration, learn a new technique and use them to discover new objects. But the game is not so simple, you need to look out for other predators who are above you in the food chain. Always use your hearing and sensing senses to locate these predators and avoid them to survive as long as you don’t get smart enough to intimidate them.

While you will encounter a lot of wild species in the jungle, you will come across some confused or scared hominids who you can recruit and invite them to your clan. You can find these anywhere in the jungle and I have mostly found them on top of trees. You can use your intelligence and focus on them as they will have the same icon as your clan members.

By looking at these hominids you have to figure out their problem. As you being the smartest of the hominids have to figure out, find these items or resources and give it to them. Look closely to their behavior to find out their problem whether they are feeling cold, hungry, thirsty, or bleeding. If they have blood on their body, you can give them the Kapok Fibre.

Even after trying everything, if you are unable to recruit a monkey and they are not bleeding too. You can try to offer them, honey. You can get honey in this game by altering the grass to get stem and then dipping the stem into the beehive. With these methods, you will also discover the new technique and food items that will help you in evolution through the ages.

Once you solve their problem check if they are following you and if not, then go near them and press B to make them follow you to the clan settlement. It not only increases your clan strength but also helps in mating and giving birth to new hominids.

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