Remnant From The Ashes Tarnished Ring Location & Unlock Unique Trait

Remnant From The Ashes

In Remnant From The Ashes, all the collectibles that you find don’t have a specific location. You have to roam all the different areas of the map to find rare items whose locations differs from players to players. If your friend has found a rare item in place, it doesn’t mean you will find it at the same location, but you can re-roll world a few times and check-in that same location for the item.

The tarnished ring is one of the rarest items in Remnant From The Ashes and many players are trying to find this ring and what it’s used for? Below we have a quick guide on where to find this ring and whom to give it to get some special rewards.

Remnant From The Ashes Tarnished Ring Location

There is no specific location for the tarnished ring. Different players can find this ring in different areas of the map Earth. If you searched for a long time and couldn’t find the glowing reddish-orange rare item, you can try to re-roll your world and search again.

The ring is quite difficult to get because of its rarity but search all the house and dungeon in the Earth map. If you are not able to find the ring in the Earth’s dungeon, you might try some other dungeons as most players find the ring there and even us. So once you have found the ring, you might head back to to the Ward 13 where an NPC has lost that ring and in return will provide some special reward.

Tarnished Ring Exchange Reward

You can exchange the Tarnished Ring with an NPC named Reggie at the Ward 13. If you have found this ring at an early stage of the game, you have to converse with Reggie for a few minutes and you will unlock an additional conversation about the ring. The ring originally belongs to Reggie who has lost it during the root attack.

For all your trouble to bring back the ring, Reggie will provide you a new unique trait called “Scavenger trait” and you will unlock an achievement. You will also receive some scraps from Reggie, scraps can be farmed anywhere on the map and are used as a currency with merchants.

Hope this guide helps you in locating the Tarnished Rings and do comment below on where you found this ring to help other players.

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