Remnant From The Ashes Forged Iron Location & How To Farm Them

Remnant From The Ashes

In Remnant From The Ashes to defeat the roots and survive, you need to have better weapons and gears. To upgrade these weapons you need to have sufficient Iron at the starting of the game. But once you upgrade your weapon 5 times, you need Forged Iron to further upgrade it. There are various mods available that can be infused in any weapons that give bonus perk to your character.

Each class comes with its unique perks and you can choose any one of them according to your game style. While choosing classes, you can see each class with a different perk such as Hunter can see through walls, Ex-Cultist can heal themselves or Scrapper can shoot fire bullets. These perks are basically the mods that are infused in the gun. But during gameplay, you can buy these mods regardless whichever class you choose.

Remnant From The Ashes How To Get Forged Iron

To farm Forged Iron, you need to have at least one weapon upgraded five times. Once you will be required to collect these Forged Iron to further upgrade your weapons, you can find this resource by breaking objects or by killing enemies. This resource is quite uncommon and the drop rate won’t be as much as Iron.

After researching a lot we found that most of the players get maximum Forged Iron in the Eastern Wind Of Rhom. After passing through the labyrinth, you will come across an open desert area with demolished buildings. You can try to farm Forged Iron in these locations by searching all the demolished houses or killing the enemy.

Once you have cleared that area, you can visit checkpoint and interact with it. By this, all the monsters and collectibles of that area will be restored and you can try to farm Forged Iron again.

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