Remnant From The Ashes Assault Rifle Location & How To Get It

Remnant From The Ashes

Remnant From The Ashes is the latest shooting action game which can be played solo or multiplayer with your friends. You can set up the server to the public before playing solo so that other players can also join. If you join any player public matches, your journey will start from their last saved checkpoints.

While playing with your friends all the collectibles, weapons and other gears that you collect will remain with your character after quitting that session and playing solo. So by using this trick you can join any public game, collect rare weapons and start your journey solo from the beginning.

The best weapon you can collect at the starting of the game is the assault rifle. You can shoot rapidly at the main enemy roots as each magazine consists of 24 bullets and the maximum you can carry is 144 extra. Mods can be infused with these weapons and can be bought from the armory.

Remnant From The Ashes Assault Rifle Location

Once you rescue the root mother from the roots attacking her, interact with her for a few minutes. After you have completed interacting with her, you will get an option to increase the capacity of Dragon Heart.

You will also get a sniper rifle in the basement of the church. Take a left down the stairs after interacting with root mother to reach the basement. Sniper rifle deals a lot of damage but the only cons are the low amount of ammo in it.

After collecting the sniper rifle travel to Westcourt. After reaching Westcourt, go straight and take a right turn once you find an alley. Keep going straight through the alley and jump down to enter the dungeon.

Once you reach the dungeon, keep moving forward and you will come across a safe house, there you will find a corpse lying with a letter by its side. There you will find the assault rifle lying on the floor. Check the image above to get the exact location of the safe house.

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