Remnant From The Ashes Glowing Rod Location & How To Find Them

Remnant From The Ashes

Remnant From The Ashes is the latest action shooting game where the world is full of chaos and torn out by beings from different dimensions known as roots. You get drifted into an unknown island and rescued by a group of strangers from ward 13 and help you in your journey. After completing the game tutorial you will have an option to choose between three classes which are Hunter ( Long Range), Ex-Cultist (Mid-Range), and Scrapper( Close Range).

During your journey, you will find many puzzles or secret passage way where you will get some rare items or equipment. In this post of Remnant From The Ashes, we will show the location of all three glowing rods. After collecting these glowing rods, you can unlock the Akira Set which will provide 50% extra melee and crit damage for 10 seconds.

Remnant From The Ashes 1st Glowing Rod Location

After defeating the Boss Raze, go straight throught the desert into The Iron Rift, there you will find the 1st iron rod behind the bars. There you will have to fight few flying skeleton head and other roots. After defeating them enter the room that was behind bars from the right side to collect the glowing rod.

Remnant From The Ashes 2nd Glowing Rod Location

The 2nd glowing rod can be found inside the decontamination chamber. After entering the chamber there will be beam of red light that will scan you infecting you with Citadel’s Curse. You need to progress as fast as you can because of the curse, you will lose some percent of health each second.

While progressing throught the decontamination chamber you will come across the first broken one, keep advancing and you will find the glowing rod in between the first and second decontamination chamber.

Remnant From The Ashes 3rd Glowing Rod Location

After travelling to The Eastern Wind Of Rhom, go straight through the demolished city and take a left to the Vault Of The Herald. Inside the dungeon named “Vault Of The Herald” you have to kill all the roots and search all the rooms for the last glowing rod.

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