Oxygen Not Included – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included has finally been released by Developer and Publisher Klei Entertainment. it will be a base-building survival game where players need to build a space colony inside a giant space rock.

Throughout the game progression, you will need to manage several different aspects like power, food, population and more. so below you will find a guide with some tips and tricks for beginners.

Tips And Tricks For Beginners In Oxygen Not Included

Learning Basic Information

Knowing about the basic interface information is the best way to start the game.

On the top left side of the screen, you will find a circular which represents days and the rectangular panel on the side of it indicates the size of the population, stress level, sick duplicants, and amount of food.

On the top right side of the screen, you will find the resource list which you currently have.

You will also find a game speed controller in blue and just below it you will find an icon which shows objectives and missions.

To assign a task to a Duplicant you will just need to select a duplicant and assign from the “To Do” List.

Selecting Duplicants

To make a strong sturdy colony you will need to get good decent Duplicants who will help you grow your new habitat. but selecting them can be a bit difficult if you are new to the game. so to make a good decision look at the Duplicants Attributes and Traits.

The Attributes shows list like digging, cooking, building, and other skills. you will need to check the list see if you find any useful attributes which will benefit the colony. if you want to know more about attributes then just place the cursor on it and you will get more details.

The traits come in two different text colors red and green. the red indicates negative traits and green indicates positive traits. you need to focus on red traits which will effect the peace and co-operation between duplicants like loud sleeper, flatulent, allergies, and more. you can counter these negative traits easily, but at the early stage of the game with lack of space and resources, it can become difficult to manage so it is best to avoid them.

Building Initial Setup

First, you will need to clear out all the space buy digging out all the ores, sand and different resources. this will create a space. to build your colony.

Now at one side of the space, you will need to grow your corps and on the other side, you will need to place your equipments. battery, stations, and generators as they produce heat which can effect the colony and food.

Prioritize Tasks

As you have already read above that each Duplicants have skills, traits, and attributes. if you assign a task to a Duplicant which is on his attribute list then it will complete it quicker. for example, a Duplicant with digger attribute will complete digging task quickly.

You can modify these priorities by enabling it from the priority menu.

Maintaining Food Supplies

It is recommended that you grow the crops and plants and then store them in a ration box underground because as the game progress you will have more duplicants who will release CO2. this gas is heavy and settles down, another important property it has that it also reduces the decaying rate. this way you can preserve the food for a longer period of time in Oxygen Not Included.

Maintain Morale And Stress

A Duplicant with low morale will not be able to work properly and if it spreads across the colony it could cause total breakdown.

So you need to always take care of the Morale level. you can view the morale under the consumables tab. you can reduce it by decreasing work time from the schedule editor screen.

Keep Care Of Sanitization

Each Duplicants in the game has a Bladder rate which indicates the digestive meter. if it is high then will need to release their waste product which can spread germs.

So it is recommended that you build Water Basin, compost and Outhouse in an enclosed area. for this, you will need to build Pitcher pump to transport water to the Water Basin, after this build an outhouse and compost.

This way you can keep the colony free from human waste and pollution.