Wolfenstein Youngblood – How To Get Doom Eternal Skins

Wolfenstein Youngblood

Wolfenstein Youngblood will be the new spin-off game in the series and takes places after the events of New Colossus. the new story brings the daughter of Blazkowicz, Jessica and Sophia who are now part of the resistance and trying to stop the Nazi in Paris.

The game comes with various different new unlockable items and upgrades. one of the thing you can unlock in the game is Doom Eternal Skins for your character and weapon. so below you will find a guide, on how to get it.

How To Unlock And Get Doom Eternal Skin In Wolfenstein Youngblood

To get Doom Eternal Skin you will first need to get a Bethesda account which you will also need to get whether you are playing on Steam, Playstation, or Xbox account. after obtaining the game you will need to log into it and verify it with the Bethesda account on your respective platform.

Once you have signed into the game with the Bethesda account, you will need to join the Slayers club. so just follow the link and create an account. with that account, you will need to link up the Bethesda and the account of the platform on which you are playing.

After that, you will need to start the game. if you have completed all the above steps correctly then you will get a Prompt which will say that you have obtained the Slayers Club Pack.

How To Equip Doom Eternal Skin

Once you redeemed the skin pack you will just need to start the game. then you will need to get into the Journal menu. now you can use the skin on the character and any ranged weapons.

So first you will need to go to the character tab and then select the To Hell and Back skin. if you want to use it on any ranged weapon then select it and then again select the To Hell and Back skin.

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