Wolfenstein Youngblood – Location Of Laserkraftwerk And How To Get It

Wolfenstein Youngblood

Wolfenstein Youngblood has finally arrived on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and other platforms. it has been created by Arkane Studios and Machine Games and will take place in Nazi-occupied Paris twenty years after the event of The New Colossus.

While progressing the game you will be able to unlock and use various weapons and upgrades. one of those weapons is Laserkraftwerk which shoots deadly laser capable of destroying enemies and certain doors and crates.

So below you will find a guide, on the location of all the Laserkraftwerk and how to get it and what they do.

Location Of Laserkraftwerk And How To Get It In Wolfenstein Youngblood

To get the Laserkraftwerk weapon you will need to progress through the game until reach Little Berlin here you will need to start the Raid Mission: Brother 1 which will take you into a Nazi camp filled with powerful enemies.

The first objective of this mission is to Enter the prison. so just defeat the enemies and follow the marker to enter it. eventually, you will get a second objective called Reach the Tower Lobby.

Once you get this objective look for a duct in the access room. you can reach it by jumping onto the fan. now enter it, progress and you will reach a room, attached to this room is another room which contains the Laserkraftwerk on a table.

More Info on the Weapon

Just note that if you are playing the game in co-op mode both the player will need to pick the weapon, if they want to use it. if only one player picks it up, only the player who picked it would get the weapon.

Now with the Laserkraftwerk, you will be able to destroy any gate and crate which has the laser symbol on it.

The weapon can be further upgraded by unlocking different upgrades. there are three sets of upgrades you can use nadel, tempo, and steir. each set effects the weapon differently like increasing fire rate, increasing damage, and other effects.

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