Wolfenstein Youngblood – Location Of Elektrokraftwerk And How To Get It

Wolfenstein Youngblood

Wolfenstein Youngblood will be the latest game in the Wolfenstein series. it will be the twelfth iteration in the series and will be a spin-off game featuring the daughter of Blazkowicz Jessica and Sophia.

Throughout the game, you will be able to unlock various different weapons and items. one of those weapons is Elektrokraftwerk which you will need to find to progress through the story.

So below you will find the location of Elektrokraftwerk and how to get it and what it does.

Location Of Elektrokraftwerk And How To Get It In Wolfenstein Youngblood

To get the elektrokraftwerk you will need to progress through the game and reach Victory Boulevard, here you will need to select and play the Raid Mission Brother 3 doing this will place a marker on the map.

The first objective in this mission is to “find brother 3” for this all you need to do is progress through the game, kill enemies, and follow the marker. eventually, you will find it and get the next objective “Enter Brother 3”. for this mission you will need to enter the stronghold.

After progressing some distance inside Brother three you will get the objective Bypass the Lockdown. so just follow the marker and you will arrive before a glassed room. to enter this room you will need to climb the platform present in front of the glass room and then just enter the room using the duct. inside the room, you will get the Elektrokraftwerk weapon.

Just note that if you are playing in multiplayer co-op mode then both the players will need to pick up the weapon. if only one player picks up the weapon then only the player who picked it up will be able to use it.

Now with the Elektrocraft, you will be able to release an electric discharge which will damage all the nearby enemies.

Furthermore, you will be able to upgrade it with the different unlockable attachments. there are three sets of attachments nadel, tempo, and stier. each set effect different aspect of the weapon like damage, fire rate, ammo and more.

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