Wolfenstein Youngblood – Location Of Dieselkraftwerk And How To Get It

Wolfenstein Youngblood

Wolfenstein Youngblood will be the new game from developer Arkane Studios and Machine Games and Publisher Bethesda Studios. it will be a new spin-off game in the series and will be the first multiplayer co-op game.

The game comes with plenty of new weapons, items, and upgrades. one of those weapons is Dieselkraftwerk which can be used missiles. so below you will find how the location of Dieselkraftwerk and how to get it and what it does.

Location Of Dieselkraftwerk And How To Get It In Wolfenstein Youngblood

To get the Dieselkraftwerk weapon you will need to progress through the game story until you reach Political Detention Area 4. here you need to play the Raid Mission Brother 2.

This will put a marker on the map so follow it and you will reach a large hangar-like area. here you will need to go to the bottom of the area. so just proceed down and look for a door with a keypad on it. enter the code and the door will open and you will find the Dieselkraftwerk weapon inside it.

Just note that the in co-op multiplayer mode both the player will need to pick up the weapon if both of them want to use it. if only one player picks it up then only the player who picked it up will be able to use it.

With the Dieselkraftswerk you will be able to fire sticky diesel grenades which can be detonated from long-range dealing heavy damage.

Furthermore, you can even upgrade the weapon with different attachments. there are three sets up upgrade available nadel, tempo, steir. each of the upgrades affects the weapon differently some improve damage, fire rate, and other unique aspects of the weapon.

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