Wolfenstein Youngblood – How To Use Buddy Pass And Play In Co-op

Wolfenstein Youngblood

Wolfenstein Youngblood will be the latest game in the series. it is a spin-off game which features B.J. Blazkowicz daughter Jessica and Sophia who are also the members of the Global Resistance.

The new adventure takes place 19 years after the event from The New colossus in the Nazi-Occupied Paris and to liberate it the sister duo needs to fight the Nazis and liberate the country.

How To Get Multiplayer And Co-op Game Mode in Wolfenstein Youngblood

It will be the first iteration in the Wolfenstein series to come with a multiplayer option. but to get the multiplayer option you will need to get Deluxe Edition of the game.

The Deluxe Edition comes with Buddy pass which lets the owner invite anyone friend even if the friend does not own the game. the good thing about the Buddy pass is that you can use it with multiple people any number of times.

With the use of the Pass, you and your buddy can play the full game in the Co-op action. just note that game does not have a split-screen option and neither does it supports cross-platform play.

How To Use Buddy Pass

Before you jump into playing the Co-op adventure you will need to invite your friend and to do that both you and your friend need to have a Bethesda account.

Just note that if your playing on either PS4 or Xbox. both players will need to get Playstation Plus and Xbox Live which will allow you to go online and send and receive invites.

Also, the friend needs to have downloaded and installed the full Trial version of the game.

Once both players have Bethesda account, go to the Host Game option from the main menu. then on Bethesda interface located on the right top corner, you will need to search and add them as a friend, then you can send an invite to your friend.

Now the other player just needs to accept the invite and you will be able to play the co-op adventure.

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