WRC 8 New Video Details Changes In Gameplay And Career Mode


WRC 8 will be releasing in a few months and will be the 13th game in the main series. it has been created by Developer KT Racing and Publisher Bigben Interactive and has will be coming with plenty of new features.

The publisher team has released a new video on their youtube channel where the lead game designer Benoit Gomes explains the different new changes, new updates, and new features for the Career Mode.

The new career mode will try to replicate the real-world scenario where players dive into the game and become a part of a WRC Team. the progression will be similar where players need to complete races, progress through the different season, compete in different categories and more.

You will also find in-depth events like training, manufacturer challenges, classic events and more. but you can’t just go there when you want. you will need to plan your calendar and decide which events to go.

Furthermore, you will also need to manage a whole crew which comes with six different department jobs like Mechanic, Agent, Engineer, Meteorologist, and two more which are not revealed yet.

All six different jobs will have a direct and indirect effect on your race. like Gomes says in the video

While rallying a stage you might start out in the sunshine and end in the rain. we have a meteorologist who can forecast this weather and provide you with information so as a player can choose the right setup and tires for your car.

Apart from managing different departments, you will also need to unlock and upgrade the skill which will affect the crew’s performance, reliability, and other factors.

Finally, you will also be able to see a detailed in-depth report and statistics at the end of each rally. this can help you make changes to your strategy, read your opponents performance, and improve yourself to increase your performance.

WRC 8 is scheduled to release on September 2019 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. you can check out their official website for more information.

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