MXGP 2019 Video Reveals Features Like WayPoint And Track Editor

MXGP 2019

MXGP 2019 will be the latest game from Publisher and Developer Milestone S.r.l. it will be the new simulation Racing sports game based on FIM Motocross World Championship and a sequel to the previous MXGP.

It will be the first game in the series where players will race in the official MX Teams. you will also find plenty of new features which will enhance the multiplayer gameplay option.

Check out the feature trailer from the MXGP 2019 below

In the latest iteration of the game, you will find new riders, bikes, teams which are present in MXGP and MX2 Championships. the racecourses are located in different cities from Neuquen to Shanghai. you can ride solo and get financed by a sponsor or get hired by an official team.

You will also find new game modes in the series which are a new track editor which lets you create infinite new tracks, you can even share your tracks with the community and even challenge and play on other community members.

The waypoint mode will is another new game mode which lets players create their own path by placing checkpoints and then crossing them to set the fastest time and then share it online to earn points.

The game comes with more customization options, you will find up to 10,o00 items which will let you customize your players and the bike. you will also get options to choose between two strokes and four strokes.

The game will be coming out on 27 August 2019 on PC, PS4, and Xbox. you can find more details about the game on the official website.